How to withdraw Bitcoin via Telegram (LNTXBot)

Modified on Sat, 17 Dec 2022 at 04:33 PM

The Bitcoin Lightning Network keeps advancing in terms of liquidity, usability and services provided - and the integration of being able to send & receive Sats in all kinds of platforms will be pervasive.

As such VBTC offers now to withdraw Bitcoin directly to your Telegram account, the chat app built by the team around Russian tech founder Pavel Durov which so far upheld to a large degree its promise of free speech.


VBTC added the possibility to withdraw Bitcoin directly to your Telegram account via the use of LNTXBot (Learn here how to send & receive Sats via LNTXBot)

The withdrawal fees are only 0,000005 BTC & 0.1% of the total amount - thereby making it an unfairly cheap withdrawal option thanks to the innovation brought about by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.


On VBTC, go to “Withdrawals” and click “Withdraw Bitcoin”


Chose option “Telegram (LNTXBot)”

Enter the amount of Sats you are looking to withdraw and add the correct Telegram Username ( How do I get a Telegram Username? )into the corresponding field.

Since withdrawals are processed manually by our team due to security reasons, the withdrawals are not instant (as the Bitcoin on chain withdrawals are) but should generally arrive in your wallet within a couple of hours during normal business hours.


If you want to learn more about the Lightning Network and are based in Vietnam, we also strongly recommend joining the regular local Bitcoin meetups in Saigon where a variety of entrepreneurs are building various services with & on the Lightning Network.


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